Dirtyville: 13 Tales Of Small Town Naughty – Various

Dirtyville is an anthology put together by the superb Sommer Marsden. It contains 13 super-short smutty stories from the likes of Sommer Marsden (of course), Scarlett Greyson, Alison Tyler, Cora Zane, Jeremy Edwards, Heidi Champa and Angela Caperton.

Naturally, because there are 13 different authors, you end up with 13 very different stories. The theme is small towns and what’s happening behind those closed doors. The tales range from guys giving their first blow jobs, to swingers groups, to doing the deed in a drive-thru car wash. Some stories are definitely hotter than others, with particular favourites of mine including Alison Tyler’s Population 32, Emma Hillman’s Only on Sundays and Vida Bailey’s The Sweetshop Owner’s Daughter.

That, however, is just my opinion. There’s something here for everyone and my only criticism would be that some of the stories were begging to be made longer. All in all, Dirtyville is a superb anthology and a fab effort by Sommer Marsden for compiling it.

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