Double Dare – Saskia Walker

On receiving a review copy of this book, I was quite surprised. Up until then, I hadn’t realised that Penguin published any erotica. But we live and learn. Saskia Walker has been published many times over by all the big players in erotica so I thought it was about time I slipped between the covers of one of her books!

Double Dare is the story of Abby Douglas. She’s an incredibly successful investment advisor and things are going great in her career. However, her love life isn’t so hot. She has a fuck-buddy whom she calls on occasionally and that’s the way she likes it. Until she meets a drop-dead gorgeous courier in the lift at her workplace. Very rarely has a man got her so hot under the collar… so when he gives her a business card for his club, she jumps at the chance to see him again. It would appear that Zac is equally eager to see Abby again, too. Trouble is, he thinks she’s a receptionist, and she thinks he’s a courier. Things aren’t quite what they seem… but will they come clean to each other, or will their budding romance blow up in their faces when the truth comes to light?

I don’t want to give too much away about the plot, but I thought it was really cleverly written. It wasn’t too complex, which means when you’re reading, you’re free to enjoy the sexual tension and sex scenes between characters, instead of pondering who’s who and who did what, etc. After all, you’re reading an erotic novel for a reason! The characters of Abby and Zac are both very likeable and easy to identify with, so you find yourself hoping that everything will work out between them, particularly as they have such hot sex! The descriptions of the two main characters longing and lusting for one another really leave you desperate to find out what’s going to happen next. But you know for a fact it’s going to be horny!

I really enjoyed this book. It’s the first full-length piece of work by Saskia Walker that I’ve read so far… but it definitely worked for me! The characters are sexy, sassy and successful – a great combination which results in mighty hot sex! Overall, this book has merely whetted my appetite for more books by Saskia Walker… just as well there are more on my TBR pile, eh? Erotica fans, I’d definitely recommend this as a worthy addition to your erotica stash.

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