eBook Review: Black Cat Fever by Desiree Holt

Black Cat Fever

Black Cat Fever is a paranormal short story by Desiree Holt. It was released by Total-E-Bound as part of their special cat shapeshifter series late last year.

It tells the story of panther shifter Dea Russo. As the daughter of the last alpha, she alone holds the power to elect the next head of their pack. Naturally, she’s sought after by many men, but she’s determined to find her true mate, and he must be a pure panther.

Trouble is, she’s got to be very patient, for the only night she can find her mate is Hallowe’en, an event which obviously only comes once a year. She’s never even come close before, but Dea is determined that this year is going to be different, and it appears that fate is on her side this year. Kyle Donovan shows up and her body responds to him before they’ve even spoken. Dea’s hopes rise at this reaction and everything seems to be going so well, until obsessive mixed breed outcast Dane Maguire tries to put a stop to their acquiantance and claim Dea as his own.

Will Kyle defend Dea to the death, despite not yet knowing if she’s his true mate? Or will he allow her to walk away? Only one way to find out…

Black Cat Fever was a fab read. It was dark, delicious and erotic, and despite some slightly icky moments with animals doing the bad thing, I really enjoyed it. I would actually like to see this story continued – I’d love to see what happens next. If you love you a bit of paranormal, snag yourself this dirty short story pronto.

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