eBook Review: Cuffed and Dangerous by Bronwyn Green

This is my first ever read from Bronwyn Green, but it sure as hell won’t be my last!

Cuffed and Dangerous is action-packed from the very start, where we’re introduced to bounty hunter, Wrenn Saunders. She’s a strong woman who will use whatever tactics are necessary to bag her quarry.

She certainly catches the eye of shifters, Jude Caulfield and Gideon Wells, in any case. However, Wrenn gives the men the cold shoulder from the off – she knows what they are and she has a deep-rooted problem with shifters that won’t easily be solved.

However, the boys get the chance to get into her good graces when the bounty she’s currently hunting gives her trouble. Jude and Gideon step in to help her before things get nasty. The fight goes in their favour, but still Wrenn can’t wait to be on her way. She is desperate to get away from the two men, but not for the reason she first thought. She’s horrified to find she’s attracted to them – both of them. Given her past, nobody is more surprised than Wrenn.

Soon, her conscience gets the better of her and Wrenn decides to give the boys a cut of her pay. She feels it’s what they deserve, particularly as she hadn’t been very nice to them when they’d helped her. Trouble is, the visit doesn’t go quite as planned and Wrenn ends up being stuck in the house with Jude and Gideon while a wild storm rages overhead. Against Wrenn’s better judgement, soon emotions and hormones are raging too.

Can Wrenn get over her past and accept that not all shifters are the same? Or will she give up a chance of happiness? Only one way to find out…

Cuffed and Dangerous is a top read. It’s sexy, sultry and action-packed. And I defy you (well, girls anyway!) not to fancy either Jude or Gideon – or both. The sex scenes are extremely hot, the storyline is unique and I would totally like to read more about these characters. More, please, Ms. Green! More!

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  1. Bronwyn Green

    March 18, 2011 at 3:09 am

    Thank you so much for this absolutely lovely review!!!