eBook Review: Erotic Amusements by Justine Elyot

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Erotic Amusements

Erotic Amusements is the latest release from Justine Elyot. Set in a seaside town in Britain, you may think that it’s going to be a jolly, happy, sexy romp beside the seaside. Think again.

It’s sexy, of course, but the book goes so much deeper than that. There’s a strong plot underlying the sex and the novel is actually a mixture of erotica, romance and crime thriller. Don’t get me wrong, there’s no gore or forensic examination involved, but there’s a dark undertone in Erotic Amusements that makes it an edge-of-your-seat kind of a book.

This seductive book tells the story of the seaside resort, Goldsands. Charles Cordwainer is the mogul of the area, if you like, owning several businesses, and people. He’s not a nice guy and he pulls the strings of those that work for him so tightly that they’re terrified of him and daren’t put a foot wrong. That includes his right-hand man, Rocky, who does his dirty work and his submissive, Michelle who runs one of his businesses, but also services him and his associates.

One of Charles’ newest employees, Flipp, has no such qualms. She’s so new to the area that she has no idea about the secrets and lies going on around her. However, when Rocky meets her he takes a shine to her and tries to warn her to be careful. He himself has to be careful because Cordwainer has a hold over him, but he doesn’t want to see Flipp falling into the same trap. The two become close, and despite the risks start seeing one another. However, in a place like Goldsands, nothing stays secret for long.

But whoever is trying to unearth secrets isn’t going to stop at Rocky and Flipp. They intend to dig up everything they can find on Charles Cordwainer and his employees and bring his Goldsands empire tumbling down around his ears. But digging around in the seedy underbelly of Goldsands uncovers more than anyone could have imagined, and many people will be affected by the fallout.

Verdict: wow! I’ve read lots of Justine Elyot’s writing and have always enjoyed it, and Erotic Amusements is no exception. I enjoyed the whole seedy criminal element, as well as the smoking hot sex scenes and intriguing characters we’ve come to expect from Ms. Elyot. It feels a bit different to her usual novels, but I still really enjoyed it. Recommended.

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