eBook Review: Key of Solomon by Cassiel Knight

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Key of SolomonKey of Solomon is the first book in the Relic Defender series by Cassiel Knight. Lexi Harrison is a loner. She’s studying for a PhD and belly dances in a local strip club to earn money towards her degree. Then, one night, a customer turns up and turns her world upside down. Before she knows it, Lexi has been introduced to someone claiming to be an angel, and told that she has an important destiny – to save the human race.

Mikos Tyomni is the angel – of the fallen variety – who must convince Lexi of her heritage and help her to do what it takes to stop Hell’s deadliest demons from breaking out of their magical prison. The trouble is, Lexi finds it hard to trust, so Mikos must try to break down those barriers and restore her faith in others, before it’s too late.

Key of Solomon is a great paranormal read. Lexi is a kick-ass heroine, and Mikos is a smokin’ hot fallen angel. The tension between them sizzles throughout; particularly as Lexi has stone walls erected around her heart, and Mikos is strictly forbidden to get close to a mortal woman. A relationship between them would be about as taboo as it gets, and yet, there’s an attraction that they can’t seem to ignore…

Overall, Key of Solomon is a gripping, action-packed book with some sensuality and humour thrown in for good measure. I enjoyed the twists and turns and was constantly on the edge of my seat, dying to find out what happened next. If you like fast-paced, dangerous paranormal romances, then you should definitely add this to your to be read list.

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