eBook Review: Malcolm by Eliza Gayle

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Malcolm is an erotic paranormal romance – with huge emphasis on the erotic part. *fans self*

It’s the third book in Eliza Gayle’s Black Cougar Series but despite not having read the other two books, it still all made perfect sense. I suspect other things will click into place when I read the others (Lucas and Kane), but it certainly works well as a standalone book.

Malcolm, as I suspect you’ve already guessed, is a shifter. His beast is a black cougar. We’re introduced to him as he wakes up, disturbed by an intruder in his house. The action starts there and never lets up.

His super senses tell him almost immediately who the intruder is – Cheyenne. The woman he left behind several years ago and has regretted it ever since. Turns out she’s been sent by his estranged brother to bring him back to their clan. He has no intention of going with her and wishes she would leave him alone. Her presence reminds him of what he lost; both his man and his beast want Cheyenne badly, so badly that she’s not safe around him. If he loses control, he could take her whether she wants it or not. And he doesn’t want to hurt her more than he has already.

Their problems are soon bigger than the two of them. A run in with someone from their past causes conflict, especially when his mutilated body turns up on Malcolm’s doorstep. With both of them suspecting the other, Malcolm and Cheyenne have to work through their past and their mistrust and work out what’s really going on. And they have to do it fast, or their common enemy will kill them both and everyone they care about.

Wow – this book is really something. It seriously grabs you and pulls you in from the very beginning. There’s no let up in action, both sexual and non-sexual, throughout the entire story. The chemistry between the two main characters is absolutely incredible and although to begin with, you think their situation is easily rectified, it really isn’t. The two of them are woven into a complex web and they’ve got to start unweaving it before they can find their happy ending – if they ever can.

I was totally hooked on Malcolm from the very start. It moves at a whirlwind pace and everything is hot and heavy; the sex, the action and the resolution. If you’re into erotic paranormal stuff, then I’d definitely recommend getting your claws (sorry) into Malcolm.

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