eBook Review: Mattress Music by Lily Harlem

Mattress Music

I purposely didn’t read the first book in this series until the final one came out. My reasoning was simple – I suspected that once I started the series, I wouldn’t want to stop until it was finished. I was right. Mattress Music was such a good read that I barely managed to turn my Kindle off to write this review before starting book two.

Mattress Music is, I guess, what you’d call a long short story. It tells the story of Nina, a woman who is currently going through a bed-hopping phase which has suddenly become pretty ‘blah.’ Instead of getting smoking hot sex, she’s lost her ability to orgasm. It probably doesn’t help that she’s moved to a new flat and the walls are so thin that she has to play ‘mattress music’ to mask the noises coming from her bedroom.

That is, until Ian comes along. Despite the fact they barely know each other, he knows something is up with Nina, and he won’t rest until he finds out what it is. Soon, the pair find out they have more in common than they thought possible. But will Ian’s secret make or break them? Only one way to find out…

Wow. Mattress Music was a totally fab read. It was spectacularly written, had a great pace and was damn hot! Like I say, it took all my willpower not to dive into the next book immediately. But now I’ve written this review, I can! Mirror Music, here I come! Seriously, though, for a hot quickie, Mattress Music is a must-have.

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