eBook Review: Mirror Music by Lily Harlem

Mirror Music

Due to my immense enjoyment of Mattress Music, I dove straight into story number two from Lily Harlem’s series, Mirror Music.

I’m pleased to say I was equally impressed.

This book centres on different characters to the first. This time, we’re following the story of Robbie and Jenny, one-time neighbours and lovers, now not even talking.

But things have changed considerably since they were together. They were young and foolish, but now they’ve both achieved their dreams and nothing but Jenny’s stubborness is keeping them apart. Robbie hurt her all those years ago and it took her such a long time to get to a stage where the pain was even bearable that she’s scared of letting him back in her life.

Robbie is just as stubborn. When writing songs for her doesn’t work, he sends her tickets to a show at Wembley, along with a backstage pass. Eventually, Jenny relents and goes to see the show – and him.

Robbie’s delighted to see Jenny again – but will he succeed in making her realise they should be together again? Only one way to find out…

This was an awesome read. It was great to find out more about characters within the same world as book one. They’re equally likeable and there are plenty of damn hot sex scenes to be enjoyed! Another top read from Ms. Harlem. Book three awaits…

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