eBook Review: Playing with Prudence by Rachel Randall

Playing with Prudence

Playing with Prudence is a naughty read from Rachel Randall. It tells the story of Prudence, a married submissive. She and her husband regularly play kinky games with one another, and Edward is always looking for the next naughty thing they can get up to.

So when Edward’s old friend Major Harry Sterling comes to stay, things really hot up. Harry’s always had a thing for Prudence, and she feels the same. Edward’s willing to let them fulfil their fantasy, but on his terms…

Wow – what a steamy read! Playing with Prudence is woven with eroticism from the word go and it doesn’t let up. It’s a very sexual story with twists and turns that you won’t see coming. But one thing’s guaranteed, you’ll be feeling frisky as you read it! Good dirty fun from Ms. Randall!

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