eBook Review: Schooling by Sommer Marsden


Sommer Marsden is an absolutely prolific author, and I really enjoy her work. Schooling is no exception. It tells the tale of David and Ellie. They’ve been married a long time, so long that they’re just taking their daughter to college, with the plan of staying for parents’ weekend.

They haven’t been getting on particularly well of late; sniping at one another and arguing, and sex is definitely not on the menu. Not until parents’ weekend, that is. Something happens to make the pair of them realise that they’ve got to do something to recapture the good parts of their marriage before they slip away altogether. And part it involves hot sex. And lots of it.

David and Ellie are quickly reminded of how good they are together, both in and out of the bedroom. They realise that all the reasons they fell in love in the first place are still there. They’re still the same people, just twenty years older. And they love each other just as much as they once did – they’d just lost sight of it. Luckily, their eyes are well and truly opened.

Schooling is a brilliant read from Ms. Marsden. It’s a beautiful blend of love, life and sex and shows that erotica doesn’t have to be just about people in the first flushes of a relationship to be hot. A heart (and other places) warming tale.

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