eBook Review: The Hand He Dealt by Tanith Davenport

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The Hand He DealtEven before starting to read this book, everything pointed to ‘awesome’ for me; the cover, the blurb and the reader advisory on the publisher’s website.

Happily, ‘awesome’ is definitely a word I’d also use to describe the book. From what I can tell, this is Tanith Davenport’s debut novel and, based on this one, I will definitely be looking out for more of her releases!

The Hand He Dealt tells the story of Astra Scott. She’s a student studying Gaming Management, and her life consists of her studies, her job, her friends, playing guitar, and spending time with her boyfriend, Harry. Things are looking for good for Astra.

This soon changes when Harry drops a bombshell on her, which Astra has no idea how to deal with. That, teamed with her best friend Sasha’s boyfriend, Ash, being an idiot to her, and trouble with a work colleague means that Astra’s life has suddenly become very complicated. Not one to roll over and take the hits, she decides that relationship-wise, she and Harry should date other people. But when the ‘other people’ for her ends up being her best friend Sasha, another complication develops – especially when Ash finds out what they’ve been up to.

The book tells the tale of how Astra deals with all the crap thrown at her, or ‘dealing the hand she’s been dealt’ and comes out of the other side. I don’t want to give anything away (and indeed, the information in the review so far is nothing you wouldn’t be able to read in the book’s blurb), but this book was excellent. It was a delicious mixture of plot, sex, scandal, surprise, tension and did I say sex? 😉

I really enjoyed this read and didn’t see the ending coming – which makes for an even better read, in my opinion. There are f/f, strap-on and menage scenes included but they’re all integral to the plot. But if this puts you off, the book probably isn’t for you. If, however, you believe that the naughtier the better, then this is one erotic novel you should definitely get your hands on. Recommended.

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