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Threefold AnthologyThreefold Anthology from Total-E-Bound contains six naughty threesome stories from Desiree Holt, Kim Dare, Brynn Paulin, Kris Norris, Suzanne Graham and Charlotte Stein. It’s a whopper of a book, but if you like your erotica very hot and steamy, this is one book you should add to your to be read list. I should also point out that all the stories are one female and two male characters.

As with all anthologies, there were some stories that were more to my taste than others, but I certainly didn’t dislike any of them as they were all of typical Total-E-Bound high quality.

Some of the stories had the action completely focussed on the female in the piece, with no ‘crossing of swords’ to borrow a phrase someone recently told me. Others, though, had hot male/male action too, so if that’s not your thing, this book isn’t really for you.

I had a couple of particular favourites in this anthology. Brynn Paulin’s Strangers in the Night was a very atmospheric piece which drew me in from the very beginning. I could almost feel myself walking in the main character’s footsteps as she headed for a night out with the specific person of getting laid. I thought the pace was brilliant, there was enough action to keep you madly turning pages, but it didn’t move so quickly that you felt it was rushed. All in all I thought this was an insanely erotic, well written piece and as it was the first in a series, I will definitely be looking up the others!

Between A and Z by Suzanne Graham was the other favourite. I loved the fact that the eroticism was there from the very beginning of the story, and I also got the impression that the reader was deliberately led to think a certain thing would happen, then added a very clever twist to prove you wrong. I can’t say too much as I don’t want to ruin that twist for anyone, but this is a hot story that just gets increasingly hotter throughout – by the end you’ll be gasping for breath.

Overall this is a smoking hot read and one I’d definitely recommend to fans of the genre. As well as allowing me to read more erotica from authors I already know and enjoy, I found it a great way to read new-to-me authors and add some of their other works to my to be read pile!

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