Eclipse – Stephenie Meyer

Eclipse is the third book in the Twilight saga, so if you’re reading this review first, with no idea what I’m talking about, you’ll need to go back and read my reviews of Twilight and New Moon, then come back here. Now onto book number three. Eclipse is my favourite of the three so far. It has the most action, and the most struggle.

Bella is still being stalked by a deadly vampire intent on revenge, and there are many people wanting to protect her. All of the Cullens, and the werewolf pack over at La Push. Most people would be flattered and relieved by this, but not Bella. She cares about these people so much that she is terrified of them getting hurt, especially on her account. But it doesn’t seem to stop any of them. Edward loves Bella dearly and would rather die than see her hurt. Jacob Black feels the same. Bella is torn between the two men – she’s desperately in love with Edward and can’t see her life without him, but she is incredibly close to Jacob, and doesn’t want to lose her friendship with him because Edward’s back in town, and the two hate each other.

It’s deadlock. Edward doesn’t want Bella seeing Jacob, and Jacob won’t be friends with Bella because she’s with Edward, and he knows that she wants to become ‘one of them.’ It doesn’t help matters that the vampires and werewolves have an ancient treaty not to hurt one another, and Bella’s existence and the feelings she ignites in the two groups could potentially holes in the treaty and start a war.

As well as worrying about the dangerous vampire stalking her, Edward and Jacob, and her dad, graduation is approaching. And graduation is the date Bella has set for her to end her mortal life and become a vampire. And it’s crept up on her so fast that she’s made no arrangements, not said goodbye to anyone, and is now questionning if it’s what she really wants.

Could things be any more complicated? Well, for Bella, yes of course. Things continue to pile up until they eventually comes to a head. Bella has lots of decisions to make, but you’ll just have to read Eclipse to discover the outcome…

I loved this book. It’s the most action-packed so far, with emotions running high, love, hate, fear, and more. There are also lots of new characters brought in, but the story still centres around the triangle of Bella, Edward and Jacob – all of whom you’ll love and loathe in equal measure by the time you finish this book.

If you’ve read the first two, again, you need to read Eclipse. I’m now going to dive right into Breaking Dawn and find out what the finale is! (Read my review here.)

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