Entertaining Mr Stone – Portia Da Costa

The truly naughty Portia Da Costa has done it again. Taken something that could on the surface appear totally normal and twisted it into something filthy and illicit. She’s fab! Entertaining Mr Stone is the story of Maria Lewis, who has moved away from her decadent lifestyle in London and got herself a truly boring job in local government. She intends to settle down and live the quiet life. However, her naughty girl ways are soon rekindled by her boss – Robert Stone. A man dripping in sex appeal, Maria is drawn to him and his peculiar behaviour. Stone has a reputation of seducing the new girls and then sending them packing… but Maria is so drawn to him she takes no notice of these warnings.

Lust for Director Stone seems to invade all of Maria’s senses no matter how much she tries to resist. It appears, though, that he lusts after her too. They begin an illicit affair doing naughty things in unusual places – and Maria realises her lust for Stone is turning into something much more dangerous… love.

Will Maria get out in time before her heart is broken? Or will Director Stone crush her as he has many girls before her?

This book certainly fires up the imagination as to what people are really doing at work, and makes the average day look mind-numbingly dull! A sizzling hot, sexy read!

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