Fairy Tale Lust – Kristina Wright (ed.)

Fairy tales and erotica are two of my passions, so Fairy Tale Lust – Erotic Fantasies for Women was right up my street. Edited by Kristina Wright, the anthology contains stories from many top authors:

  • Delilah Devlin
  • Andrea Dale
  • Craig Sorensen
  • Justine Elyot
  • Louisa Harte
  • Alegra Verde
  • Janine Ashbless
  • Shanna Germain
  • Allison Wonderland
  • Kristina Wright
  • Jeremy Edwards
  • Aurelia T. Evans
  • Carol Hassler
  • Saskia Walker
  • Alana Noel Voth
  • Michelle Augello-Page
  • Charlotte Stein
  • A. D. R. Forte

The stories are wonderful erotic takes on fairy tales. With some, you can recognise the tales from which they’ve been adapted, others are total fabrication. All of them are sassy, sexy and sultry. The quality of this anthology is outstanding, which is both a nod to Wright’s editorial abilities, and the talent of the writers which are included. Two  particular stand out stories for me were Delilah Devlin’s The Obedient Wife, which is the tale of a young beauty who is married off to a man who she discovers is in fact both beauty and beast. However, she soon discovers she much prefers him as a beast. A very erotic story with a great twist on convention.

The second tale is Three Times, by Justine Elyot. As in many fairy tales, there’s a princess. This particular one has somehow been captured by vines. She’s alive, but unconscious and completely smothered. Nobody knows how to free her, but men come from far and wide to try, as success will win them her hand in marriage. Hundreds come and go without success, but  a clever barmaid takes advantage of a drunken man, learns the secret and gets the prize. A very naughty – and different – story, with an unexpected twist. Loved it.

All in all, a top anthology; and one which will be permanently residing in my collection.

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