Fallen – Lauren Kate

The first in a four-book series, Fallen opens the story of 17 year old Lucinda, or Luce. She’s been sent to a reform school following the tragic death of her ex-boyfriend, Trevor. Oddly, she can’t remember a thing about the accident and Luce is struggling with the fact that she may well have been responsible for what happened. Her parents are terrified of her and send her away to the special school in the hope it may help her out.

On Luce’s first day, she naturally meets lots of new people. One of those people is Cam, a good-looking yet edgy guy. Luce feels oddly attracted to him although she feels that she shouldn’t. On the other hand, she also notices a guy called Daniel – the complete opposite of Cam. She’s drawn to Daniel for reasons she can’t even begin to explain, and she also has the weird feeling that she knows him from somewhere.

Both guys appear to be interested in her and a mini-competition ensues for her attention. However, while Cam seems to be open, honest, and normal, Daniel keeps blowing hot and cold. Soon, though, Luce realises there is more to Daniel than meets the eye. His past is murky, his present attitude makes no sense, and she just can’t shake that feeling that she knows him, despite his denial. And why are the shadows lurking again? They seem to be getting worse and Luce worries that something terrible is going to happen to her all over again.

Fallen has come at a time when there is a danger of over-doing the vampire thing in the publishing/film world. Readers are looking for the next thing and I think this is why Fallen has proven so popular. It also draws many parallels with Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, which has no doubt fueled its popularity. Two guys fighting over one girl, sound familiar? Supernatural elements, sound familiar? Yes, you get the drift. Basically, it’s a fab story and I was quickly hooked and want to find out what happens next. If you’re looking for something that’s blatantly not Twilight, then you’re looking in the wrong place. But if you loved the series and are looking for something similar, then grab yourself a copy of Lauren Kate’s book and start reading now!

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