Feast of Fools: The Morganville Vampires Book Four – Rachel Caine

Book Four of The Morganville Vampires and by now these books firmly have their fangs into me. Feast of Fools hots up the action in the Glass House once more with the arrival of Mr. Bishop, head vamp Amelie’s father. Only the trouble is, Amelie isn’t too pleased to see her daddy. She thinks that he plans to take over the town, even if it means killing her. It soon becomes apparent that this is true.

Morganville’s generally an OK place to live as long as you abide by the rules and don’t piss any vampires off. However, with the arrival of Bishop, this has all changed. He and his cronies don’t necessarily agree with those rules, so if the residents once thought they were safe from vamps after swearing allegiance to one, they’d better think again. All Bishop cares about is staying at the top of the food chain, and he’ll do anything to ensure it.

Once more, Claire and her pals are dragged into the action and their lives are in danger. Brainbox Claire thinks she’s sussed out what’s going on and intends to stop Bishop once and for all. Trouble is, it’s not going to be straightforward. It never is in Morganville…

Overall, this was another very enjoyable book. Perhaps not quite as exciting as some of the others and with a little less sexual tension, but fun and entertaining nevertheless.

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