Foul Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in Staffordshire and the Potteries – Nicholas Corder

Being a bit of a local history geek, I picked this up in my local WHSmith’s. I was very interested to read the tales inside, particularly as I know many of the places quite well, and wasn’t aware of the history surrounding them. It will certainly open my eyes when I next visit these places and make me think about the gruesome and creepy things that have gone before.

This book is packed full of information on cases dating from 1700-1919, most of which resulted in the hanging of the accused at Stafford Gaol. Each tale is as thorough as factual information allows, giving everything from the back story of the accused and the victim, a motive for the crime and the eventual outcome. Each story is accompanied by photographs of a place involved in the tale, which somehow makes it all the more real. A well-researched and written book, I’d recommend this for anyone with an interest in local history, or someone that just likes macabre and creepy tales! Pick it up at a discounted price from the following retailers.

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