Gemini Heat – Portia Da Costa

This book couldn’t have been published at a better time. I began reading this just as a lovely warm spell hit the UK, which is exactly what happens in the story – so immediately I could begin to identify. Gemini Heat tells the tale of identical twin sisters Deana and Delia Ferraro, who in the warm weather begin to hot up their sex lives too! The subject matter of twins as a sexual fantasy is common, so you wouldn’t be berated for rolling your eyes – but here it’s been tastefully done, and for that I applaud the author and urge you to read on.

Deana, an artist, visits a gallery in Delia’s place, using her ticket. As she appreciates the erotic art on shows and finds herself becoming a little hot under the collar, a devastatingly attractive man appears on the scene and ramps up her temperature some more! Jackson (Jake) de Guile is an exotic and wealthy businessman who is also somewhat of a sexual deviant. He seduces Deana in the art gallery, leaving her a little disbelieving of what happened, but forced to confess to her sister.

Things become more interesting when the two girls realise that the man Deana has had sex with is in fact Delia’s boss! Back in the office, Delia panics when she is summoned to de Guile’s office. She needed have worried, though, because what her boss has in mind is far from a sacking… more a “repeat” performance of what happened in the gallery… or so he thinks. Quite unaware he’s sleeping with identical twins, as opposed to one woman, de Guile wants to see more of his “Dee.”

Now, though, the girls have a dilemma. They’re both deeply attracted to Jake, and neither is willing to give him up. So they play a game they haven’t played for many years… The Gemini Game. Tossing a coin, one girl meets up with him next time he wants to, and from then on, they take it in turns. They make sure to brief each other fully after each meeting to avoid slipping up and giving away their secret. But they’re playing a dangerous game, and with no ordinary man…

Things hot up for the girls as they alternate between times spent in Jake’s company, and they discover a whole world of sexual pleasure they never knew existed. But as they continue to play with fire – will they get burnt?

This is a damn hot book! I must admit I wasn’t altogether convinced by the ending (which I can’t explain because I’ll give it away!), but the erotic scenes are so varied and steamy, it definitely raised my temperature! The variety of characters is wonderful, and despite the fact some of them have relatively minor parts in the book, they’re still described in such a way that when they appear, they’re very real – and of course, very sexual. I was definitely jealous of the girls’ adventure! Less romantic than many of Portia’s novels, Gemini Heat is no less impressive.

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