Ghosts of Derby – Wayne Anthony and Richard Felix

Derby is in an unofficial competition with York for the title ‘Ghost Capital of England.’ Both cities have numerous old buildings, landscapes and stories, and this book is packed full of details of those in Derby.

It’s a guide to the city’s spookiest sites, where ghostly presences are felt, and all these collected from people who have experienced ‘something’ of the supernatural nature. This is the kind of book that will appeal to anyone living in the area that is interested in local history and spooky things, and also people that like ghost stories, regardless of where they’re set.

This is a very interesting book, particularly for someone who knows the area relatively well. The only thing I would say that would improve the book would be more detailed explanations of exactly where some of these places are, perhaps even maps or postcodes. This would definitely help people not expertly acquainted with the area, and of course those who have never visited but would like to as a result of this book.

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