Girl in High Heels: Intimate Confessions of a London Stripper – Ellouise Moore

There seems to be a revival of ‘confession’ style books coming out just now, so much so that you may worry that they’re all the same. Perhaps so, but Girl in High Heels is different enough to stand out. For starters, it’s not been published anonymously. Ellouise Moore has put her name to the book, but has changed the names of the vast majority of the people she mentions in the book, to protect their identities, and her kneecaps, by the sounds of it!

I’m sure many people have the opinion that strippers are somehow beneath people with ‘normal’ jobs – but this book will definitely change your mind. It proves that these girls aren’t ‘dirty’ or prostitutes (according to Ellouise, some are, but by no means every one!), they’re simply normal girls, albeit more attractive ones with nice figures, trying to make money. And once they see how much money is up for grabs, they tend to get hooked. And it’s completely understandable – the amounts of money involved are phenomenal.

Ellouise Moore was dealt a crappy hand in life, a difficult upbringing which meant she had to start fending for herself from a very early age. She could have become a down-and-out, taking drugs, selling her body, etc. But she got into the world of stripping and gradually turned her life around. She’s now a successful businesswoman, owning several properties and using her situation to help other young women.

I found this a really endearing book, which probably sounds like a weird thing to say. However, although stripping is often seen as seedy, Moore proves that it’s not all bad. Yes, there is prostitution and drug-taking going on behind the scenes, but not everyone is involved. I just found this a pretty heart-warming tale about a girl who dragged herself up from nothing, took advantage of a lucrative industry and can now walk with her head held high, displaying incredible strength. I say fair play to her. A really easy read, and also an eye-opener!

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