Glass Houses: The Morganville Vampires Book 1 – Rachel Caine

This was the first of Rachel Caine’s books that I’d read, but I’m glad I went with my gut instinct and bought them all when I saw them on offer in a shop because I’m devouring them one after the other.

Glass Houses is the first book in The Morganville Vampires series. It starts out by introducing us to the lead character, Claire Danvers. Claire’s a bit of genius when it comes to education, and she’s gone to college early. She’s in Morganville, living in dorms. However, she soon runs into trouble with the school’s Queen Bitch, Monica. She accidentally upset the girl once, and now Monica has got it in for Claire, big time. She’s beaten so badly that she has to leave the dorms, permanently, as she genuinely fears for her life.

Answering an ad in the local paper, Claire ends up at the Glass House. It seems to be inhabited by the town’s misfits, and for once, Claire feels like she’ll fit in perfectly. Plus Eve, Michael and Shane seem to know an awful lot about surviving and getting along in Morganville. And that includes not getting on the wrong side of the vampires.

Naturally, Claire is scornful at first, but she quickly comes to realise that her new roomies are probably the only people she can trust. And soon, Monica is the least of Claire’s worries…

A great start to the series. I was instantly interested in the three main characters in the book and therefore cared about what happened to them next. The storytelling is excellent; it’s fast-paced, easy to read and good fun. I’ll definitely be whizzing through this series, and looking out for more stuff by Ms. Caine.

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