Gothic Blue – Portia Da Costa

Having not read an erotic novel for some time (I prefer short stories), I wasn’t sure what to expect. Full-length erotic novels tend to waffle on a bit, and there’s not enough sex in them for my liking. Not so with Gothic Blue – it’s full of copulating couples! But rather than it coming across as a shameless shag-fest, it’s all worked seamlessly into the plot. The result, an exciting story with lots of red-hot sex – a real page turner!

Having an obsession with paranormal stories and characters myself, I looked forward to reading this. I wasn’t disappointed. This is the tale of Belinda Seward and her boyfriend Jonathan. Hoping to inject new life into their relationship, they go away on holiday.

When disaster strikes, the young couple think their trip is ruined. Stranded, they start to walk and find themselves at Sedgwick Manor, a Gothic priory in the middle of nowhere. In the midst of a powerful storm, the couple find shelter in the grounds. With no car and no mobile telephone, the outlook is bleak.

However, the storm seems to do something to Belinda and Jonathan. Stuck in the back of beyond, they are overcome with sudden lust and pounce on one another with reckless abandon and have an explosive night of passion; during which Belinda gets the feeling they are being watched. This only fuels her excitement.

The next day Belinda heads to the main house seeking assistance so she and Jonathan can be on their way. No such luck. She meets the handsome mute Oren, who offers hospitality but no means of getting back on the road. A strange presence in the house compels Belinda to explore. What she finds will change her and Jonathan’s lives forever.

This isn’t your typical vampire story. I was really impressed with the plot, it was very original – and the sex was damn hot! As Belinda and Jonathan embark on a journey of sexual discovery, you feel yourself wanting to be part of the action, and step into the shoes of the characters.

This book is so hot it’ll burn your fingers! Bring on Gothic Heat!

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