Hard to Handle – Jamie Denton

As my first Blaze book, I was intrigued to see whether Hard to Handle would successfully shake off the old-fashioned preconceptions many people have about Mills and Boon books. They have often been berated for being stuck in the past with no relation to modern life. However, the publishers have worked hard to rid the brand of this notion, and Blaze Books is just one of their marketing strategies.

I won’t draw a set in stone conclusion given this is just one book that I’ve read from the Mills and Boon imprint. However, I’d say based on this book they’ve done a good job. The plot of this novel by Jamie Denton is bang up to date, and sexy to boot.

It follows successful lawyer Mikki Correlli as she and her sisters visit a lock and key party. The idea is for all three ladies to have a fun evening, perhaps meet some sexy guys, and ultimately, raise money for a cause they all believe in. As none of the sisters are related by blood, they understand better than anyone the need for improved facilities for children in care. Two of the girls were fostered in childhood by the other one’s birth mother – but they have a bond just as strong as blood.

As we follow the sisters to the party we realise each one of them has issues of some sort in their love lives, but the action is mainly centred on Mikki. She has no idea that she is going to bump into her ex-husband Nolan. He, on the other hand, has made sure he will. Because he has very important news for her that it wouldn’t do to tell over the telephone or by letter. News that is going to rock her world.

The sexual attraction between Mikki and Nolan is just as strong as it has ever been, and it’s only a matter of time before they give in to their feelings. Mikki, however, is only holding back because there are a whole host of other feelings she is desperately trying to keep locked up inside. She’s managed to keep them from her ex for so long, and just because he’s appeared back in her life, she doesn’t intend to start spilling them now… in fact, she’d prefer it if she never had to lay eyes on him again.

Nolan, however, has other plans. He’s older and wiser, and the one thing he knows for sure is he’s still mad about his ex and he’s determined to get back, and this time for good.

Marketed as a mixture between romance and erotica, I wasn’t expecting any hardcore action in this novel. And my expectations were correct. There was a fair bit of sex and it was all very steamy, but only enough for a very mild rise in temperature. This book in particular is definitely more focussed on the attraction between the two main characters and the anticipation of their lovemaking, rather than the act itself. So all in all, you’re getting exactly what it says on the tin… a scorching hot sexy read.

I’d recommend this for women looking for some mild erotica and romance. A very easy read, though the issues in the novel are very deep at times.

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