Heads or Tails – Margaret Scott

Heads or Tails is a cougar story. Jane is a single woman who’s not particularly happy with her lot. She’s got a house and a decent life, but she’s got no sex life to speak of. She doesn’t feel attractive, and can’t believe that anyone else would, either. However, when she has some work done on her house a blast from the past, or more specifically her daughter’s past, is right out there fixing the fence.

Kevin has grown up into a gorgeous and sexy young man. His friend Michael is pretty hot, too. When Jane overhears the boys talking about her, she mistakenly believes that they’re mocking her, which does nothing for her already deflated self-esteem. However, she soon uncovers her mistake and ends up in a rather compromising position with Kevin. Seizing the opportunity firmly with both hands, Jane has the time of her life. When Kevin returns for more of the same, she’s delighted. Even more so when she finds out that Michael wants to join in too.

And so follows some incredibly erotic sex, with two young studs no less! A damn hot threesome ensues, and it’s all the more sexy because the female character is a strong independent woman with a normal physique, rather than some stick-thin model type. Hurrah for this story – a huge boost for cougars and self-conscious women everywhere.

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