Her Dream Lovers – Elizabeth Coldwell

Her Dream Lovers features a female character called Vanessa Riley, who from a young age has experienced dreams which have turned out to warn of impending disasters. She signs up to take part in a scientific programme to research the dreams, feeling that she’ll be able to prevent these disasters from happening, and help people.

However, once she’s hooked up to the gadgets and gizmos in the laboratory conditions, all she dreams about is sex.

Vanessa meets a man called Adam in her dreams and despite hardly knowing him, she goes home with him and ends up having totally hot sex, discovering too late the tattoo on his arm saying ‘Nicky.’ Unwilling to get involved with a married man, Vanessa is confident that the dream won’t come true.

However, when she meets restaurant owner Adam Townsend for real, she’s completely hot for him. Remembering the awesome sex they had in her dream, Vanessa relents, vowing to herself it’ll be a one-off. Later, she discovers that Adam and Nicky are in an open relationship, so she doesn’t feel like she’s “the other woman” any longer. Particularly when she finds out Nicky is, in fact, a man. A hunky firefighter of a man who likes to share women with Adam.

Both men are totally gorgeous and because everybody knows the score, Vanessa is happy to fall into bed with both men, either together or separately. They’re soon experiencing a loving three-way relationship with plenty of mind-blowing sex.

But fate intervenes when Vanessa dreams that Nicky dies in a burning building. Panicking, she’s determined to do something that she’s never achieved in the past – change events that she dreamt about. Will she succeed this time? Only one way to find out…

Wow – this was such an awesome read. I thought this was a really interesting plot. Normally dreams in erotica can be a bit lame, i.e. “and it was all a dream.” However, Coldwell has completely turned this on its head and written a very successful, extremely sexy tale. It was captivating from beginning to end and it’s very easy to envy Vanessa and her searing hot sex games with the two men. I read it in no time because it was so yum! Totally recommended!

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