Hide and Seek – Alyssa Brooks

I’d not previously heard of Alyssa Brooks before getting my hands on this novel, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for her now.

The steamy hot Hide and Seek tells the tale of Maxim and Elisa. He’s a good-looking rich guy who’s had no shortage of women in his life, but never anything serious. She’s the eco-warrior who was considered to be a good girl, until she got caught with her pants down and screwed over by her ex-boyfriend. After finding out about Elisa’s unlikely new career as a porn star, Maxim sets out to find his old college crush and win her over. He never got her to agree to a date with him back then, but he’s sure that his luck is in. Travelling to the cabin in Aspen where she’s hiding until the media circus has died down, Maxim is in anticipation of some hot action. Little does he know that Elisa’s attitude to him hasn’t changed one bit.

She continues to rebuff his advances, not letting on to him that she DID actually fancy him all those years ago but was too scared of getting hurt that she didn’t take the plunge. But the more insistent Maxim is, the more he wears down Elisa’s defences…

This sexy romp was a breath of fresh air. A completely new author with a fabulous writing style. The storyline is interesting and moves at a decent pace, and the sex is hot! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and will be getting my hands on more of Alyssa’s work.

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