Highland Vampire – Suz deMello

Suz deMello was an author I’d not read before, but I figured that a Spice Brief named Highland Vampire wasn’t a bad place to start. After all, I like Scotland, and I like vampires – couldn’t go far wrong, really!

The tale begins with Natasha Desmond. To start with, we know very little about her, other than she’s trying to escape from something. And she’s escaping to the Highlands of Scotland. Once there, she ends up at Kilburn Castle, which is everything she ever imagined from a Scottish castle. What she didn’t imagine, however, was a youngish guy owning it. And he’s damn sexy, to boot!

At first Natasha believes that Mr. Sexy, aka Garrett Kilburn is a little aloof. But once they get to know each other better, she realises he’s far from it. They give into attraction and Natasha discovers that he is an extremely good lover. And, it would seem, never sated. He also visits her in the dead of night. He seems different then, though, colder, quieter. And he nibbles on her neck a great deal. Could this be linked to the odd whisperings about vampires that seem to be abound in the village?

Only one way to find out… you’ll just have to read the book!

I really enjoyed this Spice Brief. It was, as the name suggests, a brief tale and I think it could have easily been expanded. I certainly want to know more about the characters and what they do next. But as a standalone story, it’s interesting, sexy and very erotic. Well worth a read!

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