Husbands and Lies – Susy McPhee

Another new author for me, Susy McPhee is a gem. Husbands and Lies is a book which deals with several very difficult topics, among the hardest people go through in their lives, and yet still manages to put a smile on your face.

Fran, the main character in the book, is having a tough time of it at the moment. Her best friend in the world, Alison, is terminally ill. So between her high-powered job and hospital visits, Fran doesn’t have much time for her husband, Max, and daughter Lottie. However, Max is the almost-perfect husband and is doing a great job of holding the fort and helping Fran keep it together. Or so Fran thinks… just to add another crisis to Fran’s already huge list, she suspects that Max might be playing around behind her back.

Does she confront him? Does she try to catch him out? As the plot progresses, Fran’s already-difficult life gets a whole lot worse. And then when you think it can’t be any worse – it gets worse. Will Fran keep it together? Will her marriage survive? And what of poor Alison? All these questions and more are eventually answered… but it sure is a rollercoaster journey to get there; full of laughs, gasps, and tears.

I thoroughly enjoyed Husbands and Lies and would recommend it to any woman who loves her chick lit. Just keep the tissues handy, you might need them.

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