I Love Capri – Belinda Jones

I Love Capri is the story of Kim Rees, a hermit who once travelled the world but is now stuck either in front of the TV or the computer all day, living off whatever she can get her hands on without leaving the house.

Kim and her best friend Cleo are highly unsatisfied with their lives, although they won’t admit it. When Kim’s estranged grandfather passes away and leaves her some money, she and Cleo plan to get plastic surgery – the answer to all their problems.

Enter one interfering busybody mother, who refuses to get Kim wallow in her own self pity. Feigning a poor handle on her native Italian tongue, Kim’s mother takes her translator daughter with her to the Island of Capri to help her get all her affairs in order. Kim agrees, albeit reluctantly, as she usually wants to trample her mother, not translate for her.

However, the magic of Capri thaws Kim’s heart and changes her attitude to her mother, to her life, and eventually, to men. Having had her heart broken before, Kim does not bask in the male attention she gets, she rebuffs it. Until she meets Luca, who was her grandfather’s good friend and business partner.

Luca is tiramisu personified and Kim is instantly smitten. Until she meets his son… and his wife. However, it soon becomes apparent that Luca’s marriage is not exactly wedded bliss, and Kim thinks perhaps something could happen between her and Luca.

Sparks continue to fly, and Kim’s stay in Capri becomes increasingly interesting as she discovers many things, about her mother, her family, and herself. Kim decides Luca is her one true love, but can she bring herself to destroy a marriage and become the type of person she has despised all her life? There’s only one way to find out…

I’d recommend this 100% – it’s fab! I couldn’t put it down. You really get a feel for all the main characters and you’re rooting for them to get what (and who!) they want. Chick lit fans buy this one!! You’ll love it!

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