I’d Rather Be Single Than Settle – Emily Dubberley

Well, Ms. Dubberley has done it again. Another book on a controversial topic, and she’s made a damn fine job of it. Given this book is classed as a ‘non-fiction/self-help’ book, you would be forgiven for thinking it smacks of desperation and depression. Not so. Far from it, in fact. I’d Rather Be Single Than Settle is a fantastic book about relationships, and how some people may ‘settle’ – meaning settle for someone who is less than perfect for you – rather than be single. But this is also not a man-bashing book. Emily is not trying to say that all relationships are bad and everyone should be alone, the whole point of the book is to emphasise that you can be perfectly happy as a single person as well as in a couple. The ‘bad’ part is settling for second best just to avoid being single.

So, this book takes you through every aspect of relationships, and lack of them. It does a great job of boosting the self-esteem, as it reminds the reader that just because they are single, doesn’t mean they are living half a life. It encourages going out and meeting new people, pampering, spending time alone, with family and friends, and even has a section on sex and masturbation. Emphasis is firmly placed on the fact that single people can be just as happy as attached people, if not more so. Reasons given include; you don’t have to deal with anyone else’s family/friends/baggage; you can do what you want, when you want; career minded gals have no-one moaning at them for working too hard… the list is endless. In fact, there are so many reasons in this book for being single, that I wouldn’t recommend attached people read it, because they might just be tempted to ditch their partner anyway! And after this, singles are going to feel so great about themselves that potential suitors may well be wasting their time.

If you’re in a relationship which you’re not sure about, or you don’t know where it’s going; or you’re single and feeling crappy about it, then definitely buy this book. It will help get things straight in your head if you’re in a bad relationship and give you the strength to get out, and if you’re single and worried/depressed about it, it will remind you how to be happy in your own company. After all, life is too short to settle for second best – a wobbly relationship causes stress and unhappiness, and could potentially be decreasing your chances of finding ‘Mr Right.’

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