If You Could See Me Now – Cecelia Ahern

If you’ve read Ahern before, you’ll know that her stories have that excellent mixture of humour and emotion. One minute you’ll be on the edge of your seat, the next reaching for the Kleenex.

If you haven’t read Ahern before, why not? After reading debut novel PS, I Love You I was a fan, in tears, but nevertheless, a fan. There’s something fresh and exciting about her writing. As I said, she really has the ability to pluck at the heartstrings.

Anyway, back to If You Could See Me Now. The main character Elizabeth Egan has it all, a well-paid successful career and a beautiful house. Every woman’s dream. Er… no. You see Elizabeth also looks after a child that isn’t hers, whilst juggling problems with an errant sister and a depressed father.

Enter Ivan, adoptive son Luke’s imaginary friend. Elizabeth worries about the normally sensible Luke’s choice of friend, particularly as he is soon causing problems left, right and centre.

As Ivan’s presence increases and odd things continue to happen, the Egan household approaches breaking point, as Elizabeth is worried sick about little Luke, and soon enough, herself.

Elizabeth’s normally strong character is weakening, and she teeters on the edge of a nervous breakdown, until she finds a friend of her own, strangely also called Ivan. They develop a relationship, and Elizabeth seems to forget the world around her and manages to pass the odd happenings off as coincidences.

However, the world around Elizabeth doesn’t like to be forgotten, and the problems with her sister and father increase, and her past comes back with a vengeance. It seems her world is collapsing around her.

As the friendship between Ivan and Elizabeth develops, she begins to think he could be the one to take her away from all this. But will he? Find out…

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