I’m the Vampire, That’s Why – Michele Bardsley

As you may have guessed, I’m a bit of a vampire fanatic. So I’ve been searching for lots of books by different authors about my favourite subject. Or one of them, at least. However, coming across this book by Michele Bardsley means I’ve actually found an author who combines several of my favourite topics: vampires, sex, and gorgeous men. I’m the Vampire, That’s Why is the tale of Jessica Matthews, who has had a pretty crappy couple of years, and then just to make things worse, she’s jumped by a big hairy creature whilst taking out the trash, and the next thing she knows, she’s sucking the thigh of a devastatingly gorgeous man. With an Irish accent.

It materialises that Jessica has been Turned – into a vampire. The creature that attacked her would most certainly have killed her, but she was rescued by the Consortium – a kind of vampire organisation – and the only way to do that was to turn her into one of them. Horrified, upset and angry at first, Jessica struggles to adjust. Soon enough, though, she finds out she’s not the only one in the little town of Broken Heart that has been brought into the supernatural world. There are several others, all single parents. Some of them are Jessica’s friends, some; not so friendly. But they’ve all got to learn to get along together and find out what the hell it was that attacked them in the first place. Most of the new vamps want revenge, and they’ll stop at nothing to get it.

So really, Jessica’s got it tough. She’s been turned into a vampire against her will, her kids are scared of her, there’s a psycho monster on the loose, and she fancies the pants off the vampire who rescued her – Patrick O’Halloran. Problem is, she’s been off men for a while so she’s nervous, but Patrick is just so hot that he turns her into mush. And apparently, the feeling is mutual. As her attraction grows, Jessica realises just how much she wants to do the deed with Patrick. But it’s not so simple. In the vampire world, if you have sex, you’re then bound to the other person for one hundred years. Jessica has enough on her plate, and isn’t sure she wants that kind of commitment. But it turns out that Mr O’Halloran isn’t all that he appears…

This book is hilarious. The narrative is very easy to follow, and the characters are well-formed. You grow to love the main character Jessica, and most women will probably find themselves fancying Patrick as much as she does! Despite it’s humorous slant, this book is also packed full of action, sexual attraction and interesting myths and legends. I was hooked from start to finish and really found myself rooting for Jessica and Patrick, and wanting to shout at anyone that got in their way. A very enjoyable and light-hearted read, with some pretty steamy sex scenes! If you love vampire tales and sexy books, you’ll adore this!

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