In Too Deep – Portia Da Costa

Portia Da Costa never fails to deliver a damn good romp-fest in her books, so I expected nothing less from In Too Deep. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was for it to be so good that it overtook one of her previous novels to become my favourite! But it did! In Too Deep is officially my favourite of Portia’s books – a fantastic erotic romance.

The novel is the tale of librarian Gwendolynne Price. One of her regular tasks is to empty the suggestion box in the library and make sure the suggestions are read and actioned, if necessary. However, one day, Gwen finds a letter to her in the box. It is an indecent proposal… a mystery man is sending her sexy prose and it appears he’d like to action his own suggestions! His ideas are outrageous, but arouse Gwendolynne none the less. The writer seems to have reached into her head and stolen her thoughts.

The letters alone are enough to spin Gwen’s erotic imagination out of control. It doesn’t help that a celebrity is currently making use of the library to do some research… a very hot celebrity. Gwen has had a crush on Daniel Brewster for quite some time now and is delighted that she now gets to ogle him as he spends time in the building where she works. Daniel and Gwendolynne embark on a friendship which has erotic intent bubbling away under the surface, particularly when Gwen decides she can trust Daniel enough to tell him what has been going on between her and her mystery correspondent.

It’s clear that Daniel, too, is aroused by the suggestions the mystery author is making. The pair continue their flirtation, and after a while, Gwendolynne begins to wonder whether Daniel might be the mystery man. He’s got easy enough access to the suggestion box, he sees her every day, and he’s as hot as hell! Deep down, Gwen wants it to be Daniel, as she knows now that she wants this real man badly, and if he feels the same, she wants to act on it!

The mystery unravels, and has many twists and turns along the way – complete with a fabulous ending. What I liked best about this book wasn’t just the plot, but the characters. They really are excellent. Portia has taken the stereotype of a librarian and turned it completely on its head. Gwen is a very sexual woman, and takes action to get what she wants. I love how she’s portrayed as a curvy woman, but utterly sexy at the same time. The character of Gwendolynne will give any woman who’s paranoid about her body a real confidence boost – and I loved that!

Daniel Brewster is the stuff dreams are made of – he’s a fictional character, and I fancied him! Portia has really hit the nail on the head with these two characters – women will want to be Gwendolynne and want to sleep with Daniel! A great book that ‘real’ people will identify with… and of course it will get them feeling hot! Erotica fans – buy this now!

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