Kiss It Better – Portia Da Costa

I’ve yet to read a Portia Da Costa novel I haven’t liked – and I’ve read a lot (trust me, just do a search on this site, you’ll see several reviews of her books!). Kiss It Better hasn’t quite toppled my absolute favourite, In Too Deep, but I’d say it comes a close second.

Kiss It Better is the story of Sandy Jackson and Jay Bentley. They met once, many years ago, when Jay helped Sandy after a bad experience with some muggers. They shared a ‘moment’ but never exchanged details and have regretted it ever since. Sandy daydreams about her Prince Charming, and, after a disastrous marriage, wishes she’d never let him slip through her fingers the first time. Jay remembers Sandy as his helpless and beautiful Princess, but after a horrific car accident he’s been left disfigured and he believes that his Princess would never look twice at him now.

Jay discovers Sandy as he realises that she works in the very cafe which is across the street from where his father plans to open a new coffee shop. Knowing that Sandy will hate him if she realises what’s going on, so when they bump into one another at a function, he says nothing. He recognises his Princess immediately but knows that with his scars, it’s unlikely she’ll realise it’s him. He decides not to enlighten her. However, he’s still as attracted to her as he ever was and does everything in his power to spend time with her.

The pair get chatting and end up frolicking in the gardens of the renowned Waverley Hotel. Jay is ecstatic, but Sandy is disgusted by her own behaviour. She can’t believe that she let a total stranger into her pants – unknowing that Jay is, in fact, her Prince Charming.

After their initial dalliance the two become close. Jay realises that his Princess isn’t quite the woman he remembers as she’s older and wiser, but he wants her anyway. He worries that when Sandy discovers his true identity, any possibility of a relationship between the two of them is over. Sandy, on the other hand, develops feelings for Jay but is unwilling to let them take over as she believes that he is hiding something from her and that he could disappear any moment, leaving her in the lurch. So, as the both of them hold back emotionally, they embark on a sexual relationship which is filled with passion.

Jay introduces Sandy to kinks she’s never experienced before, and turns her on like she’s never known. Jay is over the moon that his Princess has cured the impotence caused by his car accident. Everybody is happy. That is, until things hot up with Jay’s father’s business deal and he realises he’s going to have to come clean, or lose Sandy forever. What will he do? You’ll just have to find out, won’t you?

If you’ve read Portia’s books and enjoyed them in the past, you will love this. It’s pacy, sexy and the characters are fantastic. As per usual, I found myself wishing I was in the shoes of the female character, being given a jolly good seeing-to by the hot as hell male character! Portia really does have a knack for fabricating attractive male characters that every female reader will want a piece of.

In summary if you love Black Lace, erotica, Portia Da Costa, or all of the above – read this. Immediately.

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