Longing For Toys – Virginia Crowley

This is probably the second or third Nexus book I’ve read, and to be honest, so far, I’m definitely more impressed with Black Lace. There’s an unwritten rule that the Nexus titles are more appealing to men – but as I don’t know a guy that’s read this book, I can’t say.

Longing for Toys is about a couple of professional guys who get caught up with some strippers in a club. Rather than just seeing a show and then getting on with their lives, they become obsessed with the girls – despite it being obvious that all the girls are after is coaxing more money out of their pockets. To make things worse, Michelle and her stripper friends have got their claws into the middle-class girlfriends of the men too. Before long, the whole group of friends and lovers is spiralling into a world of corruption, sexual degradation and bankruptcy. And the cunning Michelle has planned the whole thing.

There’s a great deal of kinky sex in this book. There are scenes with toys, video cameras and much, much more. However, I didn’t really enjoy it. Though it was well-written, I just found the plot itself completely unbelievable. It makes strippers out to be money-hungry whores (and correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t most strippers just strip, not have full sex with their clients?), and all men to be completely under the control of them. And when the guys’ partners became involved, it really went one step too far. I’m sorry, but I just couldn’t find this enjoyable, there was no erotic sex – it all seemed rather mechanical, and the plot was laughable. I wouldn’t recommend this, I’m afraid.

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