Loose Girl – Kerry Cohen

This book is an interesting one. Although it’s of a similar genre to all the other confessionals out there, the difference with this is that the author has actually put her name to it. In the beginning of the book she apologises to her children for one day having to read about her promiscuous past, but insists that she’s done it to help other young people get an insight into what really goes on in young people’s heads with regards sex and sexuality so they can make more informed decisions.

It’s written as a memoir as opposed to a diary, and it does immediately suck you in (pardon the pun) and make you want to continue reading. In fact, sometimes it’s difficult to remember that this isn’t fiction.

The product of a broken home, Kerry Cohen is seeking love. She doesn’t really know exactly what she wants, she just wants to be wanted. Discovering her power over men at the age of eleven, she embarks on a lifestyle which involves actively chasing boys and men in order to have sex, hoping this will make them love her. This is the story of her many, many lovers and how the trysts begun and ended. It’s not explicit or erotic, nor is it meant to be. It is simply a narrative of someone’s past.

It is an interesting read, and you’ll want to finish to find out if Kerry ever finds what she was looking for. If you’re interested in books like this, then definitely give it a read. It’s unlikely to turn you on, but you’ll still want to turn the pages.

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