Lord of Misrule: The Morganville Vampires Book Five – Rachel Caine

Lord of Misrule is the fifth book in The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. **spoiler alert** In the previous book, queen vampire Amelie’s father had turned up. Mr. Bishop is one mean vampire, too. He makes ice cold Amelie look like a pussy cat. Sadly though, Bishop’s return didn’t signal an emotional family reunion. Bishop wants to take over Morganville, and if it means killing his daughter, he will. It’s face off time.

Both Amelie and Bishop begin collecting followers as quickly as possible. Claire Danvers and her friends stick together as much as possible, planning to weather the storm as safely as possible. But then something happens and all the vampires start wandering off from wherever they were, or were meant to be. Even walking into direct sunlight, which damages and can even kill younger vampires. It’s as though they’re being summoned. Which of course, they are. Trouble is, Claire and her human friends don’t know where they’re going, or who they’re going to.

Morganville is in the middle of a war. Some humans are taking advantage of the vampire war to start one of their own – against all vampires, planning to take the town back from the bloodsuckers and making it their own again. Others believe it’s a suicide mission and just stay out of all battles as much as possible.

However, to add insult to injury, the vampires’ war isn’t the only danger to the town. There’s a storm coming. A big one which is likely to do some damage. So the breathing residents of Morganville are forced to find shelter in the safest places they can. Trouble is… even those safe places aren’t that safe with Bishop and his cronies around.

Amelie’s disappeared, all their other vampire allies have gone and Claire and her human friends are stuck. They don’t know who to trust, where to go, or what to do. Soon their choices run out and Claire is left to make the toughest one of her young life.

Book five was another good addition to the series, but one of the weakest, in my opinion. It got to the stage where there were so many characters and locations being thrown at me that I struggled to keep track. I still enjoyed the book immensely, don’t get me wrong, but it was just a little harder work than the others in the series so far. Hopefully the next book will signal a return to form. I’ll keep you posted.

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