Lucky – Alice Sebold

I bought this book because I’m a huge fan of Sebold’s previous release, ‘The Lovely Bones’. I didn’t realise that it was a true story.

This is the tale of Sebold’s rape whilst she was at University. It’s a very shocking read, capable of inspiring emotion in even the most hard-hearted of people. The reactions Sebold received from people on learning of her plight are both shocking and moving. Some would have nothing to do with her, or refused to believe it could happen. Others rallied round to help her get through it.

The best part of the tale, for me, was Sebold’s determination to try and get on with life… ignoring as best she could what other people were thinking and saying and pursuing her goal… to get the rapist behind bars. Too many criminals these days get away with crimes, either because the victim is not believed, there is not enough evidence, or the victim simply hasn’t come forward and reported the crime. Some women believe that if they’re raped, it’s their fault. These women should take a leaf from Sebold’s book (pardon the pun). She is living proof that these things do happen, it’s not easy, but she has in fact come out of the other side alive and well and has gone on to write fabulous books.

I hope this book inspires others as it did me. It had me in tears several times, and of course, being female I emphathised with the situation. Sebold had incredible strength and determination to go through what she did. She was worried about what would happen to her, and what people would think of her, but as I said before, she’s living proof that these things do, unfortunately, happen but life goes on, and moves forward. Respect to Alice Sebold, both for her actions, and for writing the book which I think she intended to persuade women never to suffer in silence.

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