Magic and Desire – Portia Da Costa, Janine Ashbless and Olivia Knight

I feel quite the erotica connoisseur these days – I’m devouring Black Lace left, right and centre. And yet I continue to stumble over these gems… Magic and Desire is a book containing three supernatural erotic novellas from esteemed Black Lace ladies Portia Da Costa, Janine Ashbless and Olivia Knight. I’ve read lots of Portia’s books and stories, but the other two authors were new to me, so I was looking forward to reading somebody new.

The first story of the three, House of Dust is by Janine Ashbless and tells the story of a priestess-cum-goddess whose job it is to bless the King of her country by making love to him. And although she hasn’t admitted it to anyone, and hardly allows herself to believe it, she’s in love with the current King, so when he becomes ill, she rushes to his bedside. The young, strong, King has a sudden illness and Ishara suspects foul play. However, with no way of proving it, and no way of curing the King, he passes away. Ishara is distraught, and whilst deep in her despair, comes up with a plan to get the man she loves back. She will venture to the Underworld, a highly dangerous place and risk her own life for that of the King. What follows is an incredibly erotic tale – Ishara engages in all kinds of sexual acts, debases herself to pleasure others but eventually gets what she desires. An incredibly hot story – but I’d have enjoyed more physical descriptions of the characters.

Ill Met by Moonlight by Portia Da Costa tells the story of Lois – a workaholic woman who is forced by her business partner to take a vacation. At first, she is frustrated by the isolation and the lack of internet connection, but on meeting Robin, her perceptions change. Despite all her instincts that there is something strange about Robin, Lois finds herself drawn to him. He’s sexy, attractive and a little quirky. What follows is a tale of two souls brought together, and with their happy romantic ending in jeopardy, they make the most of every minute. Which means they pack in lots of sex. Very hot, sheet-gripping, toe-curling sex. You’ll find yourself very envious of Lois – and if you’re anything like me, will adore the ending to the story.

Olivia Knight’s The Dragon Lord takes the reader to the land of Navarone, where the Princess is on the verge of a marriage which her parents believe will cure a terrible affliction she has borne all her life. However, the appearance of Drake from the mythical kingdom of Kâo has inflamed the secret which is lurking inside of her, and threatens to destroy her and all those around her. Meanwhile, his growing attraction for Princess Nina is putting Drake’s honour and kingdom at stake. It seems as though being together is the very worst thing they can do, and yet they can’t help their feelings. Read this steamy and dramatic tale to find out what happens next.

Unsurprisingly, my favourite of the three stories was by Portia da Costa. I think this is just a matter of personal taste, and Portia always describes her characters and their actions in such a way to get me all of a flutter! The delectable Robin sounds like my perfect man, and the sex scenes between he and Lois are extremely erotic – and the high romance factor just tops it all off nicely.

Overall, this is an excellent book. I love supernatural and sexy tales, so if they’re your cup of tea then you must get your hands on this book!

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