Midnight Alley: The Morganville Vampires Book Three – Rachel Caine

Midnight Alley is book three in The Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. **spoiler alert**

Michael Glass is now a vampire. And not everybody is happy about it, namely Shane. Despite the fact Michael had little choice, Shane is still being grumpy about it. However, for the moment Claire doesn’t mind too much, because it’s taking the heat off her and helping her hide the fact that she’s sneaking around. The reason being that Claire has pledged herself to the queen vampire, Amelie, in order to secure hers and her friends’ protection. But her friends don’t know… yet.

Naturally, the Protection comes at a price, and Claire must do everything Amelie says. Amelie’s task for Claire is that she must work with a very clever vampire in order to help him with some experiments he’s been carrying out. As a bright spark herself, Claire doesn’t mind too much, she’s actually excited at the prospect of some mental challenge. However, things change when she realises just who she’s going to be working with. Myrnin is indeed, exceedingly clever. He’s also lost his mind… sometimes. He has periods of lucidity in which he’s perfectly pleasant. Trouble is, when the mist starts to descend, his personality completely changes and suddenly Claire is in immense danger.

As if she didn’t have enough on her plate, she’s also being stalked by her friend Eve’s psycho-killer brother. Things are once more crazy in Claire’s world – will she get through this book in one piece? Only one way to find out…

Another great addition to the series. The main storyline is really fast-paced and exciting, and I like how the love story between Claire and Shane is playing out. There’s a great deal of tension there, which just means it’ll be all the more passionate when it finally spills over. I must admit, I can’t wait. Excellent.

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