Midnight’s Daughter – Karen Chance

As I so enjoyed the other books by Karen Chance that I’ve read (namely [intlink id=”406″ type=”post”]Touch the Dark[/intlink], [intlink id=”175″ type=”post”]Claimed By Shadow[/intlink] and [intlink id=”450″ type=”post”]Embrace the Night[/intlink]), I looked forward to reading Midnight’s Daughter. Though it’s a separate series to the aforementioned titles, it’s set in the same world. Some characters appear in both series, which is a nice link, particularly if you’ve read both.

This latest book introduces Dorina Basarab, who is half-human, half-vampire – also known as a dhampir. Her kind are rare as they’re despised by both humans and vampires and therefore are hunted down and killed by both. What makes them even more rare is the fact they’re subject to uncontrollable rages which often result in their untimely and probably violent deaths. Somehow, Dory has survived for 500 years and in that time she’s been killing demons and vampires; those that deserve to be killed, that is.

The action begins as Dory’s best friend goes missing. Normally one to leave a note when popping out for milk, Claire has disappeared without trace. Naturally, her friend panics and makes it her mission to find her, kill whoever took her, and bring her home. Without Claire’s calming influence Dory is even more subject to her manic rages, making this mission more dangerous than it already was. Throw in the escape of the world’s most dangerous vampire, the reappearance of her father and an idiotic French vamp, and Dory has her work cut out.

I really enjoyed this book. I liked the reappearance of some characters from the Cassandra Palmer series and was happy that Chance had written this book in the same humourous, sharp and easy to read tone as her others. Despite the number of characters of different races, the flitting of the action from one location to the next, and the bonkers character names, the book is really easy to follow. I got into it very quickly and begrudged every time I had to stop reading it when life got in the way. An action-packed, funny, sexy supernatural thriller. Recommended to supernatural/vamp/magic fans.

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