My Best Friend’s Girl – Dorothy Koomson

I’ve been a fan of Dorothy Koomson ever since reading [intlink id=”324″ type=”post”]Marshmallows for Breakfast[/intlink]. Since then, I’ve also devoured [intlink id=”173″ type=”post”]The Chocolate Run[/intlink] and [intlink id=”1127″ type=”post”]Goodnight, Beautiful[/intlink]. I think I’ve only got one more of hers left to read before her new book is released next year.

Anyway, onto the review. My Best Friend’s Girl is a book which grips you right from the prologue. I was hooked right away, and it only took me 2 or 3 days to finish it. It deals with best buddies Kamryn Matika and Adele Brannon. They’d been friends for years, right up until the moment Kamryn discovered that Adele had betrayed her by sleeping with her fiancĂ© – Nate. Kamryn took off and vowed never to see either of them again.

She’s true to her word, ignoring their calls and letters, until years later Kamryn receives a letter she can’t ignore. It’s from Adele. She’s in hospital, dying. She wants Kamryn to adopt her little girl, Tegan. Suddenly, Kamryn’s world is thrown into turmoil. She was getting on with her life, with a successful job and good friends, and the last thing she needs is a child on her hands. But how can she turn down the dying request of her best friend?

What follows is a beautiful story of Kamryn’s reaction to events, and how she copes. It’ll make you laugh, cry, hug your pillow and be desperately grateful for all that you have – in typical Koomson fashion. She certainly knows how to tug the heartstrings! Anyway, if this sounds like your cup of tea, then don’t delay. You’ll be absorbed into this heartrending story way beyond the last page. It’s very poignant. Love it.

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