My Vintage Summer – Jane Elmor

Jane Elmor’s debut novel begins in 1970s Somerset. It tells the tale of Lizzie, a young girl growing up fast. To begin, she is quiet and doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary. But soon she meets Kim and her wild older sister Vonnie. Before long, Lizzie is rebelling hard against everything her mother tells her, determined to do everything Kim and her sister do.

Things grow progressively worse as the girls get older and even more rebellious. Vonnie then moves to London. Stories of the cool life she is living filter back to Kim and Lizzie and when they leave school, both girls go to join her. Between hell-raising, drinking and mind-altering substances, the girl band Loose is born and the girls begin to really live their dream. But will everything go to plan? Will they hit the big time, or will they fail like so many before them? Only one way to find out…

The story is told from the point of view of Lizzie, alternating between her adult self, and her younger self. It’s easy to follow and a really interesting story. It didn’t go where I thought it was going to go in the end though. I actually thought that Lizzie’s obsession with Vonnie was bordering on a crush, as opposed to simple admiration. But nevertheless it was a breathtaking tale, which was ruined a little by a weak ending.

This is a fairly good read. The ending really let it down. I felt that the lead up was taking the story somewhere different and more powerful, but it finished on a downer. Despite this, it’s still worth a read – My Vintage Summer is deeper than your average chick-lit.

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