New Moon – Stephenie Meyer

If you haven’t already seen my review of the first book in this series, check out my review of Twilight here. This is the second book in the four book series – New Moon. The last book left us knowing that Edward and Bella were together and in love, and all that malarky. New Moon starts off with more of the same. But as their relationship deepens, and they begin to consider their future together, things start to fall apart. They realise that things between them will never be simple. They have more than just themselves to think about.

Things start to kick off when Edward and the rest of the Cullens leave Forks, rendering Bella completely heartbroken. Having told her he no longer wants to be with her, he disappears. Bella completely falls to pieces, much to the despair of her father, Charlie. She sinks deeper and deeper into her own little world, and feels she can’t go on without Edward. Things eventually start to look up when Jacob Black, the son of Charlie’s good friend Billy Black, arrives back in Bella’s life. They strike up a friendship, and Bella slowly starts to realise that life can go on without Edward. She is still heartbroken, but she is starting to have a life again, instead of mourning for her loss.

However, things start to become complicated again when Jacob develops feelings for her. Bella likes Jacob immensely, but he isn’t Edward. After telling him straight that she only wants to be friends with him, Bella and Jacob have a fun and fulfilling friendship, which delights both of their fathers. But as always with Bella, things are never straightforward. After a series of death defying stunts, she finds herself in the company of vampires once more…

New Moon is good and bad. It’s a fabulous follow on from Twilight, but I started to get really irritated by Bella’s behaviour. I know it was there to demonstrate how empty she felt without Edward and the Cullens but I often felt myself wanting to shout at her to pull herself together. Jacob is a great character because he helps Bella becomes a person again, and start living life. But I started to feel really sorry for him as it was obvious that Bella would never see him as any more than a friend. Then as the plot thickened, I felt myself becoming hopeful for him once again as the pair grew closer.

It improved for me once Bella got over the main part of her moping around, because that was drawn out a bit much for me. But I suppose given that this book is just a small part of a much longer story, it needed to have its own time scale.

Basically, this book is a no-brainer. If you’ve read Twilight and enjoyed it, you need to read this, and all the others that follow on. It’s compulsive enough to want to know the rest of the story. I should know; as soon as I put this one down, I found myself reaching for the next one in the series… Eclipse.

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