One-Hit Wonder – Lisa Jewell

One-Hit Wonder is the story of Bee Bearhorn, a young woman who had a number one hit single in 1985, then after all the fuss died down, was never heard of again. The narrative begins as Bee is found dead in her flat, and her estranged half-sister is called upon to collect her belongings.

Ana Wills hadn’t heard from Bee for years, mainly due to their mother – a selfish neurotic woman with a knack for treating people like dirt. Ana feels sad that she never got to know Bee better, but finds that going through her things she is discovering more and more about the sister she never saw. Now it’s Ana’s job to unravel the mystery of the missing cat, her secret country cottage and the weekends away, where everyone she knew thought she was with someone else. Teaming up with two of Bee’s closest friends, Ana sets out to get to the bottom of Bee’s mad life, and what could possibly have made her do what everyone thinks she did…

This is a lovely book. I actually picked it up because I wanted cheering up and hadn’t read the back properly. However, despite the less than cheerful beginning, I was soon hooked into the book. It’s paced in such a way that you’re drip fed information and are left gasping for more. Every page I read I knew I was closer to finding out Bee’s secrets, but it’s drawn out and truly keeps you on edge. Fabulous. A good, fun read with some very deep and meaningful themes.

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