Operation Sunshine – Jenny Colgan

Despite my best intentions to read a wide variety of literature to ‘broaden my mind,’ sometimes I just have to reach for a chick-lit novel. The good ones are a breath of fresh air – easily digestible and relaxing, and you can get through them in a couple of days. Operation Sunshine is one of the good ones. Heat Magazine dubbed it “a perfect sunlounger read,” and I have to say I’m inclined to agree. I wasn’t fortunate enough to be reading it on a sunlounger, but it was very enjoyable nonetheless.

The action centres around Evie, a receptionist in a high profile cosmetic surgery. Feeling miserable, Evie starts fantasising about going on holiday. All the holidays she’s ever been on in her life have gone wrong in some shape or form so she’s not a huge holiday fan, but feels she ought to try again. After all, people rave about them so they can’t be that bad, can they?

Soon enough, Evie gets the chance to find out as she’s invited to accompany the two doctors she works for to the South of France. It’s a plastic surgery conference, so Evie is hoping for the chance of sun, sea, sand and hopefully sex with a hot rich doctor. However, things don’t quite pan out that way when she realises it’s more than just a conference. There’s something rather untoward going on involving highly questionnable surgery on a cruise ship, which by a scary coincidence has been designed by her childhood friend. The more Evie pokes around for information, the more disturbing the story becomes and she feels she has to intervene for the sake of many people. And that’s when things start getting interesting…

Operation Sunshine is a right giggle! From the very beginning you’ll appreciate the witty characters and the situations they find themselves in, and as the plot thickens, things just get better. Right in the middle of the action, I found myself laughing out loud on several occasions. This really is an ace read; it’s fun, humourous and has a dash of romance – everything a girl could want from a book in this genre. Highly recommended.

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