Ordinary Miracles – Grace Wynne-Jones

Grace Wynne-Jones isn’t an author I’d heard of before, but I’ll definitely be looking out for her books in future, because I really enjoyed this one. Ordinary Miracles is the story of Jasmine Smith, a married almost-forty-year-old, who fantasises about wild sex with film stars. She likes her husband but isn’t ‘in love’ with him, and she’s very dissatisfied. Jasmine craves change.

The change comes about, but not in the way Jasmine expected. She finds out her husband is having an affair, and leaves him. She moves in with a long-term friend, Charlie who provides a nice muscular shoulder to cry on, and some security. After a while, Jasmine realises he’d like to provide her with much more than just friendship. What frightens her is the fact she feels the same. Not willing to let herself trust another man, only to be cheated on again, she retreats into herself and wonders whether she should give her marriage another try.

And as if she didn’t have enough on her plate, Jasmine’s daughter has announced that she thinks she may be a lesbian. Muddling through things as best she can, Jasmine slowly begins to get her life back on track and look forward to a glittering future. But will it be alone… or will she allow Charlie into her heart?

Apologies for sounding cheesy, but this is a beautiful book. It’s chick-lit, but not your typical kind. The characters are older and the storyline is deeper. There’s heartache, loneliness, friendship, hot sex and scandal in this novel – it has everything! I was completely hooked from start to finish, and found myself dabbing away the odd tear. However, I found the ending a little bizarre. But other than that, an ace read and one I’d recommend to fans of funny and heart-warming novels.

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