Possession – Mathilde Madden, Madelynne Ellis & Anne Tourney

As a fan of smut and supernatural stuff, this book was just begging for me to read it. Possession is the work of three of Black Lace’s (RIP) finest – Mathilde Madden, Madelynne Ellis and Anne Tourney. The three lovely ladies have penned works about sexy ‘other’ beings – so if this is your thing, read on.

Mathilde Madden’s novella, The Silver Chains, is a spin-off of [intlink id=”1102″ type=”post”]The Silver Trilogy[/intlink]. I think the reason I enjoyed this story so much is because I’ve read all three of the trilogy books, and this was just another piece in the (fabulous) jigsaw. However, it works perfectly well on its own and should definitely encourage you to read the other books. Alternatively, if you’ve already read them, then this part of the story will give you further insight into the werewolves you know and love.

Falling Dancer by Anne Tourney was an eye-opener. Most of the supernatural erotica I’ve read has concerned vampires, and more recently, werewolves (see Mathilde Madden). This novella is all about body-snatchers. That is, they don’t go around digging up bodies, but they’re spirits who linger around in the hope of becoming human again. So when they see a mentally weak human, they go in for the kill, shunt the individual’s soul aside and take up residence. The tale is about a young woman who has been troubled for a while, and an incredibly dangerous spirit has taken over her body and is trying to ensnare the men in her life. Kelda is the woman in charge of getting rid of these impostors… read the story to find out how. I have to admit, I didn’t find this story as engaging as the other two in this book – there was a lot going on in a short space of time and I didn’t feel it flowed as well, but I still enjoyed it.

Finally, Madelynne Ellis’ Broken Angel was racy and enthralling. Blaze Makaresh has stolen an ancient manuscript and is desperately trying to get to safety. However, things don’t quite work out and he ends up being attacked by the Youkai, demons who infiltrate human society to satisfy their hunger for sex and flesh. He’s rescued by the Talon, bitter enemies of the Youkai. The novella deals with the fall-out of Blaze’s attack and what the Talon plan to do with the information they’ve dragged out of him. There’s hot sex galore in this novella and I look forward to more from Ms. Ellis.

Overall, this is a fantastic book for fans of supernatural erotica. It doesn’t hit the spot quite so well as [intlink id=”320″ type=”post”]Lust Bites[/intlink], but that could be something to do with my fondness for vampires. I’d certainly encourage fans of the genre to give this book a whirl.

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